Essential Tools and Equipment for the DIY Electronics Hobbyist

Essential Tools and Equipment for the DIY Electronics Hobbyist

When you enter the field of electronics, learning the theory is not enough. You have to put it into practice and learn from the actual application. In electronics, you will have to engage in projects regularly. And to do practical experimentation or even prototyping, you must be prepared with the right tools. But there are […]

Man Soldering Wires with pencil Soldering Iron

Soldering Irons – How to Use Them Properly

What are soldering irons? A soldering iron is a handheld tool used in soldering. This is a process where solder (a fusible metal alloy typically a wire) is heated to a high temperature with the tip of the soldering iron. As the solder melts, it can be directed with the tip to flow into the

Infrared Obstacle Avoidance IR sensor Module

How IR Sensor Module Works

Hello Guys! In this blog, Today we will discuss about IR Sensor Module. How this module works, Pin Diagram/Pinout, Hardware Overview, IR Sensor Module Circuit Diagram, Working Principle, Specifications, and Applications. Introduction The IR Sensor Module or infrared (IR) sensor is a basic and most popular sensor in electronics. It is used in wireless technology like

L298N Dual H-Bridge 4 Channel Motor Driver

Introduction to L298N Motor Driver 

In this blog, I will discuss about the L298N Motor Driver Module. How it works, module hardware overview, pin diagram, Working Principle, Features, and applications. Introduction L298N module is a high voltage, high current dual full-bridge motor driver module for controlling DC motor and stepper motor. It can control both the speed and rotation direction

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